Sunday, March 27, 2011

What Is Water ?

Water is the common energy factor in all living things. Water surfaces on earth makes up 70% of earth surfaces. Water droplets exist in the air we breathe in, giving air its moisture. The gases, hydrogen and oxygen, that exist in the earth atmosphere, combine together (2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom) to form one element of water.

Indeed, so prevalent is water on our planet that water sources are comparable to the body's circulatory channel. Like the circulatory channel of he human body, water on earth is the sustainer and purifier of earth. It nourishes earth (the physical body) and removes toxins from iot. Interestingly, the human body comprises 70% water, while the human brain is 90% water. The high percentage of this element, both within the human body and outside it, hints at the importance of this element.

Functions of Water
Functions of Water In The Human Body
a) Regulates body temperature.
b) Moistens tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose.
c) Aids in process of digestion.
d) Helps in bowel movement.
e) Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients, thereby enabling them to be absorbed into the body.
d) Helps maintain the pH of fluids.
e) Helps kidney/lymphatic system flush out toxins and waste material.
f) Helps to transport vital nutrients/oxygen to the various destinations to our body.

Water is necessary to facilitate the various chemical reactions that occur in the body. In other words, the chemical the body uses have first to be dissolved in the water to enable the process of passing through cell membranes (cell walls). Water in this capacity functions as a solvent.

Water fills cells with fluids and ensures that they remain firm. With adequate water these cells can maintain their elasticity. The visualize this better, consider one's skin. The human skin requires adequate water to maintain its elasticity and suppleness. Lack of water leaves the skin looking dried and weathered. The optimum level of water in one's cells ensures that cells remain in the sizes and shapes they are suppose to be.

Water helps maintain pH of the body fluids - which is of slightly alkaline pH. All the systems of the body and the organs in the body , work to maintain the ideal salinity levels of blood and the fluids surrounding cells. However waste material that is built up during the process of digestion is acidic in nature. Water plays a crucial role in the elimination of toxic build up by flushing waste matter via the kidneys.

Water aids the lubrication process in the human body. Adequate water is necessary to enable the body to lubricate joints effectively and  cushion inter-vertebral discs.

The above list of some functions of water in the human body underlines the importance of an adequate supply of water in the system. What then happens if there is an inadequate supply of water in the system ?

Catch up again in my next post about Shortage of Water in the Body.



  1. Pearly,
    What an important post. I drink the most water when I play tennis in the Florida summer sun because when I perspire and I feel thirsty I know I need water. But I also know that often we need water but do not realize it because we do not have that immediate sense of thirst. I keep reminding myself to drink more water. In fact, as soon as I finish this comment I will get up to get a glass of water.

  2. Hi Pearly,

    Wow, I never knew how important a role water plays in making everything work in your body.
    Very informative post and I can't wait for the next.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Oh..yes, Erica ! Our body needs lots of water especially after games and especially under the hot sun :-) If we do not replenish our body with the water it needed, we can become dehydrated !

    Since, you already drank a glass of water after this comment, I am going to do the same...I have just drank a glass half an hour ago and getting another big glass after another reply :-) Bottoms up, Erica !


  4. Hey Kevin,
    Since you realized the importance of water now, I hope you will drink more glasses just like what we always hear people say, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day or when someone is sick, the advise is always drink plenty of water :-)


  5. Pearly,
    Thanks for this good reminder of how important water is. I have to admit that I don't drink as much water as I should. I usually only get water when I'm thirsty, and I know that by that time I'm already dehydrated. I should drink more especially since my country is a tropical one. It gets really hot here!

  6. Hi Hazel,
    It is very true that we can't be drinking water only when we are thirsty. To ensure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, just remember that if you sleep at 10pm and get up at 7am, you actually have 15 hours to drink that 8 glasses of water. So, make it a point to drink it every 2 hours. A glass before bed and immediately after sleep is recommended.

    Glad you find this helpful :-)


  7. I've been aware of the importance of water for most of my life. However I drink very little. Don't ask my why, I just don't like to drink more than a glass or two a day. And that will be by accident. After reading about my brain comprising of 90% water explains why I hear a Sloshing sound when I quickly move my head. I did find your post helpful and I will attempt to drink more water. Hmmm, wonder where I put those ear plugs I used for swimming.

  8. Hello Pearly,

    Sadie here in France, I posted earlier in the week but I think my comment must have go to the Spam.

    Just to say thank you for the post and I look forward to the next one too. I have been embarking on a more Alkaline Diet lately which suits me because of the amount of raw uncooked food that it suggests. It's a wonder I haven't be thrown out of France for the very little time I spend in the kitchen!

    I definitely need to be drinking more water that I do... I must make a big effort with that, thanks for the reminder!

    Hope your weekend is relaxed and sunny, see you in the TSA soon :o)

  9. I knew water was good for you and important.After reading this I was reminded again why I should drink more water.I enjoyed the way you presented this topic.It makes you think.Now, I am going to fill my glass with water.Thanks!

  10. Hi Pearly,
    Nice to see you here on TSA - welcome!
    Thanks for the fascinating post on water, one of the essentials that we tend to take for granted.
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts here on TSA Mastery!

  11. Hi @Nelson, @Sadie, @Beverly and @Alan ! I truly appreciate you for stopping by to read my post. Since we all agree to the importance of water in our body, let us remember to not live without at 8 glasses a day..okay ?

    @Alan, thanks and to be frank with you, after so many months with TSA, this is the first time we are on the same colored group :-) My new word press blog is coming up soon ! I will be visiting your blog this week :-)

    @Nelson and @Sadie, I apologize for not leaving comments on your blog last week. I was too sick last year that I couldn't continue my syndication. Will visit soon :-) Thanks :-)

    @Beverly, thanks for sharing my post and I saw on my facebook newsfeed that you have another post on your blog. Will be there soon !

    Let's have another glass of water now ! :-)


  12. Hi Pearly,
    What a good reminder of how important water is. I am lucky because I live in a country with very good and fresh and plenty of water. Something that is a luxury in other places. Still water is not always the first option when people feel like having something to drink. Coffee, tea or juice or soft drinks seem to be what people prefer. Silly actually when you think about it. Because what can be better then water and more magic. After all we drink the same water as the dinosaurs once drank. It is indeed a divine thing. Not only a plain glass of water.

  13. Hi Pearly,

    Never thought about water having such dramatic impact on our bodies. I knew there was some importance in our overall health, but you surely have brought up a few I didn't know.

    Mike Sweeney

  14. Hi Pearly,
    I read an article recently where people who had been captured and were prisoners of war had illnesses, and one of them encouraged the drinking of a lot of water, and the illnesses got cured.
    Water is the one thing our bodies cannot function without.
    I have a relative by marriage that I overheard say that she did not like water and hardly ever drank it. Even though it was not my conversation, I still wish that I had shared with her these benefits of water.
    So thank you, Pearly, for the great reminder of the benefits of water, and possibly life threatening information for us all!

  15. @Asa, you are very fortunate to live in a beautiful place and when you see the water is clean and clear, I am sure you will never want to replace it with other drink :-) Since we are talking about coffee, tea or other beverages, I have interesting story about myself to share with you here. You see, I love drinking plain water, so, whenever I go out with family and friend's, I will only order plain water. Nowadays, when I ask for plain water, the waiter will recommend me different type of water from the bottle :-) The reason is because they don't serve just a glass of plain water but a more luxury water which sometimes can be more expensive than other beverages :-)

    Asa, glad to see you here and I thank you for your beautiful comment.


    Hey @Mike, thanks for being frank and I am glad you can bring with you some of the importance of water to our health. Drink more water ! :-)

    Thank you for your comment and I look forward to read more from you too .


    Hi@Linda, yes, I believe so much in living water ! Now, when a person drinks plenty of water and is aware of the benefits of water in our body, they will choose living water. We don't want to drink dead ! :-)

    Linda, glad you find this sharing useful and please spread this important benefits of water to more people :-)

    Thank you very much for your time taken to read my post and I truly appreciate every comments made by you and everyone else .


  16. Pearly, it's amazing how you took something that can be taken so much for granted by us and made it so clear on this post of yours. One of my New Years Resolutions was to drink more water.
    OK, I am going right away to fill my glass again :-) and let my body enjoy it.

    Sigal Zoldan
    Clinical Hypnotherapist & Master Results Coach

    Still Single?

  17. Hi Sigal,
    Thank you for saying all the kind words. I appreciate it and for now, let us drink another glass of water ;-)


  18. One of the functions of water that I was not aware of until a few years ago, is that it helps the brain stay in balance with itself by integrating the various parts of the brain.

    Drinking a large glass of water is one of the 4 steps in Brain Gym, which helps with focus and concentration... especially for those with ADHD.

    Willena Flewelling

  19. Hi Pearly...
    I learned about water based diets from Tony Robbins...its amazing when you think about it. That we are made up of so much water.

    I had a period of around two years where I kept to TR's living health diet..and I can't remember ever feeling better than I did then...

    fell off the wagon though and now I probably need to think about my health a little more seriously.

    Thanks for the reminder Pearly

    Best wishes


  20. Hi Pearly,
    Great post about water. I remember seeing a video about water and these beautiful designs in them when looked under a microscope. We are made up of water so drinking lots of it is important for our body to function well. You blog is looking good!

  21. Hey Pearly,

    Isn't it interesting that the human body and indeed the earth itself both are comprised of an amazing 70 percent water! It's no wonder that we are told to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day!

    I must admit that I don't drink the suggested limit but I do get in about 4 or 5 glasses/bottles a day.

    Thanks for posting this Pearly and I look forward to part two "Shortage of water in the body."

    Your friend,


  22. Thanks for sharing this excellent info on the importance of water in the body. It's cool that you mentioned that water flows as groundwater like blood flows through the circulatory system. Leonardo DaVinci wrote about this as well.

    It's so simple to get enough quality water into our systems each day that it is often overlooked.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  23. Oh gosh, Pearly,

    It's 10:19 and I've had two cups of black coffee... hmmmmmmm, not good!

    *goes to drink some water*

    OK I'm back and your post has inspired me to finally change my bad habits.

    What a fascinating post, thank you so much!

    Emma :-)

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