Friday, January 14, 2011

Can This Be Your Dream Too ? (Part 2)

Continuation Of Part 1
You can still earn revenue each week even if you do not refer anyone to participate in the program. Maximum 10% a week.

How To Earn Passive Income
Silver members pay $9.95 per month and receive 10 Asterios per month.
Silver members also receive $4.50 cash every month for each active Silver or Gold member they referred.

Gold members pay $19.95 per month and receive 20 Asterios per month.
Gold members receive monthly $4.50 for every Silver member and $9.00 for every Gold member they referred as long as the members are active and continue paying every month.
This is residual income that you will earn each and every month.

Why should you become a Gold Member?
You will gain FREE access to THOUSANDS of e-Books, CDs, Tapes, Videos, Educational Seminars, Software, Audio Recordings, Informative Reports and Systems that you can download – and sell if you wish! We have over 10,000 titles in our Library valued at thousands of dollars, most of which come with complete Reseller Rights, and they are yours to choose from. What an incredible value for your own education AND to earn extra money!

The power of compounding is amazing ! Explore your income potential with the latest Income Calculator. Put a maximum return of 10% and not more.You can download yours here at

How it works ? My explanation on the Excel Spreadsheet as follows :
Column B    
Shows your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and other weeks your are participating in the program

Column C  
Shows your Asterios Balance which is the actual number of asterios (points) you have.
1 Asterio = 1 USD and if you are a Gold Member, you are paying $20 per month and your asterios will show as 20 on this column

Column D           
Shows the revenue shared by the organization to members for that week. For instance if the revenue given is at 10% and the asterios show on Column C is 20 on week 1, so your asterios will then value at $2 but because we have to follow the 80/20 Rule which says we have to leave it there to accumulate more for the following week, therefore, we will see only 1.60 shows on Column D which is to be carried forward to the following week and the balance of 0.40 cents on Column E is the cash you receive on that particular week.

Column E             
Shows you the 20% cash you received

Column F                      
Shows the amount of additional asterios you purchase

Column G            
Shows the matching bonus where there is a promotion going on now for paid members to purchase asterios at a price and get 2x the number of asterios in return. Example : If members purchase 250 asterios, then additional 250 asterios will be given to them. That will make up to 500 asterios. This can make a lot of difference in your weekly earning.
Always remember that 1 Asterio = 1 USD.
The number of asterios you have or the balance of asterios in your account will determine your weekly earning.

Column H                     
Shows the accumulated Cash Received which is the amount you leave it there to enjoy compounding interest. You are able to cash out any amount of money which you have accumulated but there is a minimum limit of at least $15 before you can cash it out.

Before I conclude, I would like to summarise the above and show you the weekly earning as well as your total savings in a year's time with a projection of 10% weekly revenue. Please be reminded that at certain time, the revenue may be zero. So, please don't take this illustration as 100% your revenue.

$20 Gold Member
Revenue Projection : 10%
On week 56th      
                           Your weekly earning will be from $85.45 onwards
                           Your asterios has grown to 4372.37
                           The amount you have paid is $260
                           Total accumulated cash receive is $1093.54

$20 Gold Member
Purchase additional asterios at $250 and get another 250 extra asterios (Matching Bonus for Limited Time Only)
Revenue Projection 10%
on week 48th
                         Your weekly earning will be at $400 a week
                         Your asterios has grown to 20000
                         The amount you have paid $220 + $250 = $470
                         Total accumualted cash receive is $5449.39

Lastly, important note here is the maximum asterio a member can accumulate is 20000 asterios and the maximum earning per week is $400.

For more information on free, silver and gold membership, please go here and if you need explanation on how to use the calculator, please add me on skype and leave me a message at pearly.quah

That's all for now and look forward to tell you more if you need further explanation.