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It All Starts In Your Cell (Part 1)

My purpose of sharing this post is to help create an awareness of the body cells and its importance in human nutrition.

How often have you thought about your cells and how they are feeling or what they need ?

When the cells in our body are given adequate nutrients and water, each of our body parts will naturally be regulated and function properly.

Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = health organ systems

Healthy cells are the foundation of human body. The human body has 11 organ systems :

Integumentary (Skin)                                                 
Endocrine (Hormones)
Lymphatic (Immune)                                                   

The human body has trillion of cells. Each and every one of these cells “work” 24 hour a day,
365 days a year, to :

~ Eat/Feed : Assimilate nutrients from the bloodstream

~ Work : Perform a very specific function within the body

~ Eliminate/Cleanse : Release waste material into the bloodstream

~ Build/Reproduce : Cells are constantly growing and reproducing

~ Communicate/Interrelate : With other cells, enzymes, hormones, etc.

What are your responsibilities to your cells ?
~Ensure all the necessary nutrients (protein, water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, etc) are plentiful in the bloodstream so that the cells can happily feast.

~ Ensure the bloodstream is not contaminated with detrimental or foreign substances, toxic chemicals, etc. Too much of these harmful substances cause our cells to become confused and desperate. In their attempt for survival, they begin to absorb things they shouldn’t.

~ Ensure the cell membranes are healthy so that the proper exchange of nutrients and wastes can occur.

The basic needs of a cell :

* Water : A constant supply of fresh, pure water

* Oxygen : A fresh, constant supply

* Protein (amino acid) : Make up the largest proportion of each cell aand are the building blocks of each and every cell, 
   hormone, tissue. muscle, enzyme, bone , etc

* Carbohydrates (polysaccharides), essential fats 9lipids), vitamins and minerals

The Importance Of Protein
 Protein is the key ingredient in forming various organs and tissues in our body as well as the major component of our body’s hormones. It also regulates physiological functions. Therefore, every parts of our body need protein.

Protein Deficiency Will Lead To..
*Poor immune system to counter disease

*Unable to excrete excess water in the body which caused swelling of body

*Loss of muscle suppleness

*Change of hair colour

*Stagnant growth


*Unable to produce blood and hormones

*Organ malfunction which eventually lead to death

To be continued……….

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  1. Christine Casey

    December 10, 2010 @ 7:46 am |Edit This

    Hi Pearly, Your post hit on all the important points of “what is a cell” and why it is vital to our health and wellbeing that we properly nourish our bodies so as to make sure that our cells are getting exactly what they need to function properly. In the last few months, I have learned that most of us do not eat the right kinds of foods, and therefore our cells are not soft and cannot take in the nutrients necessary, and this is what causes our bodies to age faster and perhaps even have a few health problems. Thanks for sharing this Christine
    Christine Casey´s last blog ..How can Network Connections help get you Back on Track

  2. Jill Caldwell

    December 10, 2010 @ 6:44 pm |Edit This

    Wow Pearly, you really know your cells. The body is an amazing creation. I’m looking forward to Part II.
    Jill Caldwell´s last blog ..I’ll Do It Later – Procrastinators Creed

  3. Social Media Vanessa

    December 11, 2010 @ 11:27 am |Edit This


    I am very much into natural health, wellness, and nutrition. I really appreciate articles that break things down in a simple way so those who are trying to learn can understand easily. You have done this very well in this article. Great job!

    Live with passion and purpose,

  4. Pat and Lorna Shanks

    December 12, 2010 @ 2:15 pm |Edit This


    Very informative post on how cells are the basis of our health, and what goes on in our bodies. We believe that our thoughts and emotions contribute a lot to the health of our cells. If we do not have a healthy “attitude”, then no matter what we feed our cells, they are unable to make use of it.

    ~ Pat and Lorna

  5. Kevin DeRoo

    December 15, 2010 @ 4:34 pm |Edit This

    Hey Pearly, Great post on the human cell! Wow, More then a trillion cells? That’s more then Facebook users! I’m sure that Facebook will have a thing or two to say about that when they find out! Very nice background to your blog as well. Thanks for posting this. Kevin.
    Kevin DeRoo´s last blog ..The Dreamers and The Doers

  6. Dr. Adam Sheck

    December 24, 2010 @ 11:52 am |Edit This

    Thanks for such a concise and vital post on cells. Since we do live in a physical world, we MUST take care of our bodies, starting with our cells. Just hydrating and breathing more deeply can create such a huge shift.
    Keep up the good work,
    Dr. Adam Sheck´s last blog ..5 Relationship Resolutions For The New Year

  7. Debbie Lattuga

    December 24, 2010 @ 4:45 pm |Edit This

    The ‘fuel’ we put in our bodies is essential to our well being. We wouldn’t put leaded gas in our cars, and yet we are willing to put junk in our bodies.

    Thank you for emphasizing the importance of treating our bodies well.


  8. Jorge Vazquez

    December 27, 2010 @ 4:14 am |Edit This

    Hi Pearly,

    I like your post. Very informative. Basically there are 3 ways to take care of our body. Eat nutritious food, sleep well and have a regular exercise every day.


    December 31, 2010 @ 9:51 pm

    Hey Pearly

    The body is such a complicated creation. Working around the clock; 365 days just like the Earth that we live on. Health and the human body has always fascinated me. But some of the content you have in here has opened my eyes to a few interesting facts that I still probably will never fully comprehend. Stuff like this always holds an interest to me. Nice post Pearly

    Steven Dean
    Steven Dean´s last blog ..Leaders Pave The Way To Victory

  10. Hey Pearly,

    This sounds just like the info used to teach in my 12 week nutrition classes when I was an Herbalife distributor. Any connection?

    You are right on about cellular nutrition, it all starts at the cellular level.


    David H. Paul
    the Follow Your Bliss guy

  11. Hi Pearly, great to get this info on cells. I didn't know that lack of protein can change your hair colour. As a Bowen Therapist I unfortunately treat people daily who are paying the price for not looking after their cells - pain. Luckily I can help them and their cells.

  12. Very informative post, Pearly. I totally agree, nutrition is an essential part in tkaing care of our cells and body. We have to watch what we put in there - the food we eat, the water we drink, even environmental factors have a significant impact to our body. By being aware of all these, we can start to make better choices on what we actually consume. --- Cherrie D. Bautista

  13. You're right on Pearly. As a doctor in primary care I spend most of may day teaching people about how the food they put in their body affects every cell in the body. It's seems so simple, but it is the key to good health,

    Dr. Weeks

  14. hi pearly, you could get a second career teaching biology! i love learning about our bodies--they are truly an amazing gift from god. with my weight loss clients i teach them how eating mcdonald's causes their bodies to create new cells made up of mcdonald's, and eating healthy food creates a thriving, vibrant cell. your article does a great job of teaching this in layman's terms. many thanks!

  15. Great post Pearly. It is so important to be aware of how our bodies work and how important our cells our in our overall health. Thanks for putting this out there in simple terms that anyone can understand!


  16. Hi Pearly,
    Interesting twist to Biology from a wellness angle.
    I feel you might relate to my post 'The Law of Diminishing Returns' in which I use a similar technique of relating concepts to our body.

  17. Hi Pearly,

    Essential information in your post. If we each took this information and practice this in our lives, we would see health care cost drop. Especially if we would focus on this question "What are your responsibilities to your cells ?". What do all these pharmaceutical products do yo our cells?

    Thanks for this information

    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City USA

  18. Hi Pearly,

    great article, very informative!

    Yes it all starts in the cell. One reason balanced micro and macro nutrition is so important.

    Thank you so much for sharing
    Love and Joy

  19. I am so glad to see so many comments here. I truly appreciate every minute of your time spent on my blog. I look forward to read more from your post too.

    Thank you for your kind support :-)

  20. I love how you've given the cells "human" characteristics, as if they are people in their own right. I know it is true, but I often forget. And when I allow things to get out of balance, my whole body suffers, because ALL of my cells have to work harder to keep things on as even a keel as possible. And it doesn't take much to put things out of whack...


  21. Hi Willena,
    I am glad you like my post. Its nice to read your comment too :-)